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Why Us

> Professional and friendly service

> 24hours, 7 days a week service, including bank holidays

> Cost effective service

> Personalised service catered to each individual

> Continuity of care

> Flexible services offered

> We promote independence and self esteem

> Driven to provide high level care and support to all

Why Us

Hidmat Care Ltd assist a growing number of older adults and those with chronic illnesses or disabilities. We make it possible for people with functional limitations to remain at home in a comfortable, familiar environment. Hidmat Care Ltd provide a wide range of assistance with activities of daily living include bathing, dressing, grooming, transfers using assistive equipment, toileting, continence care, feeding and providing assistance with medication. Hidmat Care Ltd also help with what professionals call instrumental activities of daily living, this includes shopping, meal preparation, making medical appointments, transportation, laundry, housekeeping. These are often the first daily activities with which an older or disabled person needs assistance, as they have been less frequently performed, are usually more complex and require greater strength or dexterity. We will always aim to cater for your required needs in a person-centred way.

We offer a multi-cultural service and employ care workers who speak multiple languages such as Punjabi and Urdu. We understand religion, culture and lifestyle choices are important and we will always aim to support in any way we can.

The provision of services is based on a person’s needs regardless of whether they live alone or with a family. In this way, the assessment is based on the condition of the person requiring assistance and not on the ability or willingness of relatives to provide services or meet needs. In practice, however, elderly people living alone are sometimes given priority